About the site

I'm a programmer with basic English level. I decided, that learning the language by movies - it's a good way. But one problem: how to start? I did download 4.5K English subtitles, create a frequency dictionary and ask my program what movie is easiest.The program answered me, but not very good.

Why she did it not good? Many reasons. E.g. many rare international words like "poem", "vodka", "sociology" etc my program assumes as complex words for beginners (because low occurence), and therefore set low rate when find it in subtitles. Similar situation with the words, that used as names, eg. "Amber", "Rose", "Fisher"...

But main reason is not clear diction in the movies or too fast speeking (for beginners). My algoritm works only with subtitles, it knows nothing about movies. Maybe in the future I will write a program, that will analize audio track of the movies.

Therefore I propose to use the site for voting like IMDb. I can't vote each movie. Please set your vote not about how exciting the movie is, and even not how useful is for learning English, but how comfort is it for beginners. I set vote as percentage of understandin of movie conversations; for example, when I get more 90% - I set 9. I not insist.

Actually, some issues exist here. For example, my program download wrong subtitle or subtitle has many misspellings. I will correct it.

Also, I think, much more useful will be not pretend to watch many various movies, but movies, that you like, watch many times.



This is list of movies. You can set the filter by movies titles (few letter), choose a genre or an actor. Always site will show more simple movies at beginning.

Vocabulary training


Here you can test and improve your vocabulary. Description. First time you have set one or few your native languages. Just click on central panel. When you not sure about answer, press red button "Help".

I don't belive, that big vocabulary is very important for beginners. For example, first 5K words from my dictionary cover 98% of text of all subtitles, that I have. Much more important, good knowledge this words.

I hope, later I will add possibility training for a movie before you will watch it. Can't say when.



Maybe we will discuss some questions. In any case, for the voting movies, need registration here.